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Monteath rebrand Long & Co

How to breathe new life into a respected heritage company with an exciting future?

Outback Long & Co for Monteath

A new brand strategy and visual identity where tradition meets tomorrow.



70 year strong

Monteath & Powys’ 70th birthday seems like the perfect opportunity to reimagine this respected planning, surveying and project management firm for today and into the future.

A transformation job was required to show a new side of Monteath & Powys. To instill pride and generate new energy for where the company is going. Starting with unifying the team, considering how to improve the client experience and taking a strong position in the market.

A new brand identity and creative concept was developed to provide a framework for digital, social and real life brand experiences.

As one of the longest serving companies in the Hunter, and with offices in Sydney and regional NSW, Monteath & Powys has been constantly reshaped by a range of people, across disciplines and geographies. Because of this, the company has been strategically and creatively reimagined, blending existing and inventive thinking and doing.

Overall, the brand and creative conveys accuracy and a refined confidence that comes from 70 years experience. They are humble, relatable and definitely not fussy or pretentious.

The logo and identity system has been constructed upon foundational quadrants that reflects a view from above. A ‘top right justified’ structure also suggests progression and forward thinking.

Typography is an essential component, visually representing the character and tone of Monteath & Powys.

Taking inspiration from the Australia Landscape, colours are drawn from a rich palette which is unique to our environment.

A refreshed brand and new strategy taking a traditional company into tomorrow. Strategy and direction by Long & Co. Visual identity by Two Lanes.



Brand Strategy M & P

Brand for Monteath & Powys
Monteath rebrand Long & Co
Outback Long & Co for Monteath

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