This blog post is the first for Long & Co, but the story is one that started long time ago. Several years ago, five to be exact, I was travelling on an plane from Europe to Australia after having lived three years in Norway.

Cathrine Long's home in Oslo

Our home in Kampen, Oslo. 3 families in one house.

I had this idea for a brand and marketing consultancy where emerging and established leaders could tap into expertise on as needs basis. I was pacing the aisle of the plane, 8 months pregnant (or thereabouts) dreaming up the business concept, wondering if it was viable and if I could do it.

Today I have 6 months under my belt at Long & Co, a brand and marketing consultancy creating marketing that works and people talk about. My first client came onboard while I was still tied to a corporate career. I’m not sure if it’s the nature of our generation today, but I kept my options open and grew the business while working full-time.

Kitchen bench

My first day in the office was at my kitchen bench. I had conducted a workshop for my previous employer at a fancy hotel the day before and was ready to start work at Long & Co the very next day. It was a Tuesday and I took a photo and sent it to my husband who was at work. “First day in the office” I said. “You look happy” he replied.

Cathrine Long, first day at Long & Co

Cathrine Long’s first day at Long & Co at the kitchen bench.

And I was. Don’t get me wrong. I was scared as anything. Even though I was happily working with my first client , I was wondering when the game was going to be up. But deep down I believed I would make it work. The last 6 months has taught me there is a need for good work. And good people.

Screw it, lets do it

So; what does all this mean for you I hear you ask? Well, if you have a dream to set up your own business “screw it, lets do it” as Richard Branson would say. If you have an idea that is different or better than what is already out there, you have already got your big “Aha”. And as Jack Welch (ex-CEO of GE) would say, “put the right people behind it and execute like crazy”.

Long & Co Sign

New office at 7/20 Watt St.

As I’m signing this off, our first office chairs have arrived. And lo and behold if those office chairs didn’t make me so happy. You see, we are moving into an office in 20 Watt Street, Newcastle CBD. Starting small, and keeping it real. But, reflecting on the pacing dreamer some 20,000 feet above ground those years ago, I am proud, and I feel like I’ve come home.

Thanks for reading,