Back in the day, people would say about people like me: Oh, you are a freelancer. No ma’am. I’m not. I’m a director (but we will come to that).

Freelance vs Hollywood. There is a material difference.

Freelancer is a term that has a lower-value-throw-it-to-the-winds-gun-for-hire-insecure-work ring about it. It implies that you are brought into an existing idea to execute. That’s not what I do, that’s not what my team does. I curate teams to build brands and grow businesses. Just like in Hollywood. They make movies. We make brands.

It started with an instinctive idea about my business model for Long & Co. I knew the people I want to work with were too expensive and too talented to be confined to my small company. I knew that clients want to select from the very best, without having to pay big agency retainers.

Big agencies are OK

That’s not to say I have a beef with big agencies (OK, I do). But hey, a lot of them do add value, build deep relationships and work alongside clients for years. It’s like a marriage. I don’t have a problem with marriage, and I don’t want to be anyones mistress. But clients are pivoting to new ways of working together.

Our network economy means geographical boundaries mean less than it used to. I can access a film director in Melbourne, work with a video guy in Sydney and tell a brand story based on the idea we developed for that brand.

Alternatives for new and established brands

Long & Co is an agency alternative. For clients who want one team to develop and execute one idea seamlessly. And that’s what Im doing this week. We are currently in pre-production mode for 3 projects in Sydney. Some Newcastle, some Sydney and some Melbourne talent are brought together to create and build.

On my morning walk, I listened to one of my fave podcasters Seth Godin talk about the difference between freelancers and creators. And so that reinforced for myself and now perhaps for you, that there is indeed a material difference. And that difference creates alternatives for up and coming and established brands to think new about who their agency teams can be.

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