My time at Long & Co

It feels like my brain is brimming with more intellect than I have ever had. I’ll be honest, I never thought I would learn so much in a couple of weeks, but I feel during my internship with Long & Co, I have grown not just in knowledge but as a person.

How it began

I am a barista at Blue Door Café Newcastle. My manager who is a one of a kind guy mentioned a lady who runs her own marketing company. Who does it end up being? Cathrine Long one of my amazing mentors and owner of Long & Co. My manager knowing that I study communication at university suggested we sit down for a chat.

Coffee is always involved at meetings. Photo by @chiarapinna.

Coffee is always involved at meetings. Photo by @chiarapinna.

First impression

Nervous and overwhelmed, straight away Cat made me feel comfortable. She told me briefly about Long & Co but mainly asked about me. Who am I, what have I done, what am I interested in, what am I planning on doing after university. Startled at first, I think I handled it very confidently.

This really opened my eyes to get involved in the ‘real world’. Given the opportunity, why not ask for an internship.

Getting in touch

It took me awhile to build the courage to actually get in touch. This would be my first ‘real’ job and I have not regretted one thing about asking. I was excited and a little nervous about starting my short internship.

First step towards an unexpected opportunity. Photo by @rawpixel.

First step towards an unexpected opportunity. Photo by @rawpixel.

On the job

First thing we did: meet at Good Brother for a coffee. Yes my favourite! Great start to the experience. I was told what Long & Co was all about, how it works and how it thrives. I loved the passion behind it all and straight away I felt part of it, I felt welcome.

I realise now communication is the absolute. Instead of dreading group assignments at uni I can definitely say I will appreciate them more than ever. I learnt teamwork is key and that’s how businesses are successful.

Smart Goals

My first task was to analyse all client social media accounts and recommend 5 improvements in each account by the end of the week. This is a smart goal that really stood out to me. My first thought: alright this is scary, they are wanting me to actually tell them to improve on something. I thought I knew nothing but I wanted to impress.

For Long & Co to put me in that position was a real confidence boost. They believed I could do it. I learnt that by giving me a chance to bring an outsider’s perspective, they could grow and optimise quickly. I knew I was lucky to be interning with such amazing mentors.

3 insights

  1. Social Media is an important marketing area and I thoroughly enjoyed the work. By analysing social media accounts, this made me realise how I want to present myself on social media. I decided to have the one identity and post a mix of personal and business content. I guess this is one step to growing up.
  2. Having such a supportive team around you really makes you thrive off each other. Long & Co have been amazing mentors for me and I am so appreciative. What it has taught me is to surround myself with people who care but also push each other to do better and to always work as a team. I feel they have really unlocked another side of my confidence.
  3. There are many options for me out there, but I this internship has really made me love the marketing world and want to be a part of it. We have always been told to do what we love and I have loved every minute of this experience, so it could be a sign.
Do what you have always dreamed of. Photo by @arnelhasanovic.

Do what you have always dreamed of. Photo by @arnelhasanovic.

I would recommend an internship for any university student. Not only do you learn different ways of marketing but you also grow as a person to the point where you really start to believe in yourself. This meant the world to me and I thank Long & Co for the opportunity.

Kind Regards,

Brianna Weir

About Long & Co

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