Social media, podcasts and experiences are all great tactics to grow your business in 2020.

To help you stay ahead, we’ve collected some macro and micro trends to get you to where it’s at. Let’s start with the big picture.

Social will keep growing in 2020

People are inherently social. Billions of them in fact. Where 5% of US adults were on Facebook in 2005, 95% are now. Crazy right?

Social media growth

This graph shows the growth of Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram since early 2000s. It is also worth noting the emergence of TikTok and recent flatlining of SnapChat and Twitter.

TikTok has 500 million users and its video views 8Xs IGTV. So we need to pay it our attention. TikTok’s fun and informal vibe is striking a chord with large and maturing audiences. Even if it mightn’t make it, even if things change.

It only took Facebook to mimic SnapChats functionality on Instagram Stories for that platform to falter. And as far as Twitter goes, while it’s an awesome broadcast platform of shortform news, it’s character limits is it’s main shortcoming. The common thread: reinvent or die. The market is the market is the market. It’s competitive out here. Just ask Blockbuster. Reinvention is imperative.

Social media marketing


While our preferences evolve (we went from radio to TV. From TV to pay TV. From pay TV to Netflix. Now Netflix and Apple +) One thing is constant: Connection. We want to connect with stories and people. That’s as old as humanity, so as long as social media platforms keeps delivering that, we will engage.

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While our appetite for video content seems insatiable (just look at the growth of Youtube and TikTok) there is one platform which does not seem to be nailing it: IGTV. With few exceptions (check out Wieden Kennedy’s new NIKE ad below) people do not seem to be engaging with IGTV.

Wieden Kennedy

Above: Watch the new NIKE ad The Great Chase on IGTV.

IGTV have recently shifted its prominence by removing its button from the top right corner of the homepage to its profile page. This move seems to be almost conceding defeat, although anything Facebook has its fingers in is hard to write off. IGTV launched with vertical videos but started including vertical and landscape options for creators. These moves, while small suggests the product is still finding its feet and have not reached the heights Stories or Highlights have for Instagram.

Pro tip: Have you checked out Instagram’s new Boomerang capability to slow down videos and add shaky effects, yet? This is in response to TikTok’s countless memes formats.

“Hey Google”

Voice is growing, most notably evident with our appetite for podcasts. As the number of podcasts keeps growing, listenership averages 124 listeners per episode. Voice in relation to search has a bright future. “Hey Google, good morning” tells me the time, weather and wishes me a good day. It saves me time and is super personalised. Convenience is truly King. Where people are paying attention, advertisers will follow. Will your company be the first to rank in voice for your surf report or hotel services?


Love it, use it, organic is still so good there. The ad platform remains clunky and costly, but watch that space.

95% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn. It truly is a top rated social platform.

I’ve been contacted by established firms looking to do a better job on social in 2020. If you are one of them, I’ve put together a report with my top 10 tops to “make it” this year.

Read our top 10 social media trends here: Social media 2020.

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