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Matt Jones, Four Pillars Gin

Matt talks to us about how he and his three co-founders created Australia’s fastest growing Gin brands, Four Pillars Gin. He dissects the difference between brand, sales and marketing and discusses why he find that strategy can more-often-than not be self indulgent.

Cathrine Long speaks to Matt Jones of Four Pillars Gin

Karen Lawson, Tech CEO

Karen is one of Australia’s leading transformation CEOs, Karen Lawson. She talks lets us in on her top insights for disrupting your organisation. She tells us why sometimes you have to break things before you can transform.


Brian McGuigan, One of Australia’s foremost winemakers and marketers

Watch the film below for a preview of our chat with Brian McGuigan. Having sold over 200 million cases of wine throughout his career, he chats to us about sales, product and the importance of research.

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