Have you noticed that the Gen Z’s of the world switch from one social media platform to the next at a lightning fast pace? 

If you are a business owner whose target audience includes Gen Z and Gen Y individuals, read on to find out where to spend your social media budget for the highest return on investment.

The Rise and Fall of Snapchat

Snapchat hit the market in 2011 as a disappearing picture application that aimed to communicate the full range of human emotion — not just what appears to be pretty or perfect. The app experienced extreme growth and popularity until an “annoying” redesign and that fateful tweet from Kylie Jenner sent shares of the app’s parent company, Snap, plummeting with a $1.3bn drop in market value.

Our research tells us that younger generations still use Snapchat for communicating with each other but far less often for interacting with brands and products.

Whilst you may want to download Snapchat to send embarrassing selfies to your friends, we do not recommend spending your Marketing budget advertising on the platform.


We know that Instagram is the social bread and butter for targeting an audience under 25 years old. But, what is the most effective form of Instagram advertising? We say Instagram Stories.

We recently attended a local networking event, Interactive Minds where renowned social media experts reiterated the importance and popularity of Instagram Stories.

What are Instagram Stories?

In 2016 (five years after Snapchat), Instagram got in on the disappearing content game, adding Stories to their platform that automatically delete after 24 hours. As of November 2017, Instagram Stories topped 300 million daily users.

So, you have 10 to 15 seconds to show up to 300 million people your product or service: What do you include in your story?

  • Polls- Instagram polls are a chance to actively engage your audience by asking for a small investment, the simple act of voting. Pique your followers’ interest, show them why your marketing campaign is awesome, and ask them to visit your sales pages.
  • Links- One of the best things about Instagram Stories for business, and what sets them apart from Snapchat, is the ability to tag and link. If you are a verified user you can use the “swipe up” function to take your audience to your website.
  • Digital Storytelling- The introduction of Instagram Stories has proven the value of real, uncut content in the eyes of audiences. Document your journey with authentic Stories to make your brand approachable.
We love how Airbnb utilised this creative poll to encourage their audience to engage with their ad.

We love how Airbnb utilised this creative poll to encourage their audience to engage with their ad.

How do we know Instagram stories work?

We ran an A/B test between a generic Instagram Ad and an Instagram Story Ad, these were our results:

The Instagram Story Ad (Image 2 below) had 225% more link clicks that the generic Instagram Ad (Image 1 below),
The Story reached 4,457 as opposed to the generic post that reached 2,670 people,
The cost per link click for the Instagram Story was less than half the cost per link click for the generic Instagram Ad.

Pretty conclusive we think!

The results from our A/B test between a generic Instagram Ad and an Instagram Story Ad were conclusive.

The results from our A/B test between a generic Instagram Ad and an Instagram Story Ad were conclusive.


Whilst Facebook is too effective not to utilise, it is decreasing in popularity with Gen Z’s. Our resident Gen Z’er, 21 year old intern Brianna Weir said a large portion of her friends don’t even have the app (sacrilege, we know!) Favouring Instagram Private Message to communicate with friends.

We still recommend utilising the Facebook platform as part of your business’s marketing strategy, as advertising on the site is very cost effective and allows for extremely detailed targeting. Facebook advertising is particularly important if your audience’s age ranges from 20-65+.

Facebook for Re-targeting

One of our favourite uses of the Facebook Advertising platform is re-targeting campaigns. We re-target audiences by serving one ad to a detailed audience and then serving a second ad to the those who interacted with our original ad. This is an effective way of gently warming leads up to conversion.  If you would like to know how to run a re-targeting campaign for your audience, please contact us here.

Users Always Favour Authenticity

Whichever platform you decide to utilise to reach your audience, always remember that users appreciate authenticity. This means targeting the right audience with content that is actually relevant to them.

You can do this by using location targeting, hashtags (eg. #newcastleaus) and tagging to ensure your message is being served to the right audience. Whilst likes and followers are important, it is these targeted engagements that are the real goal.

If you have any questions about your social media strategy and skilful implementation, please contact Long & Co here. We are always happy to help. Or why not connect with us on our social channels? We are active on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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