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Long & Co Newcastle Marketing
Long & Co Strategy
Read this article 18th March 2021

Facts don’t sell

High performing executives and business leaders believe they need facts to persuade their decision makers. They don’t. Here’s the thing:

Read this article 19th February 2021

Strategy for App Downloads

2021 has seen a drastic rise in app usage. And now you’re keen to see some of the action. Plan your mobile app strategy, by following this holistic marketing strategy.

Long & Co and Mustard Made
Read this article 9th December 2020

Locker Chat with Mustard Made

Mustard Made has built a global brand from Newcastle, Australia. Join our conversation.

Prudence DeMarchi at Long & Co
Read this article 25th November 2020

5 Minutes with Prudence DeMarchi

Meet Prudence DeMarchi, the artist behind our new exhibition ‘Toward the Sun’.

Giving Strategy Long & Co
Read this article 11th October 2020

A Giving Strategy for CSR

A lot of companies keep their CSR efforts hush-hush. There is a difference between tooting your own horn, and marketing your CSR.

Sydney Long & Co
Read this article 12th September 2020

City Brands

Do cities and places really need brand and marketing? I mean; famous places don’t need to become more visible to compete, do they? You can bet your bottom dollar they do.

Read this article 14th August 2020

Our fave business stories this winter

I love a good business story. So I’ve collected a few that have caught my attention this month. Read about the power of a cult-like figure. Or the eternal search for the perfect web developer. Enjoy!

Steel windows
Read this article 7th June 2020

Thank you to our Makers

When I opened the Long & Co office as an abode for my brand and marketing company in late 2019, I had the help of some pretty amazing people. And this note is to celebrate them.

Craft at Long & Co
Read this article 6th May 2020

Wabi-sabi with a craftsman

Mark’s passion lies in working with reclaimed timber. He’s worked with his hands for as long as he can remember, and when he drifted from this path, he knew in his core that he needed to return.