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Our favourite insights, learnings and advice. We hope you enjoy!

Long & Co Newcastle Marketing
Cathrine Long and Lauren McNeil, Long & Co social media marketing
Read this article 27th April 2018

Changes to Facebook and Instagram- How Will Your Social Media Marketing?

Did you hear that Facebook recently changed their algorithm (once again)? Find out what changes have nbeen made to Facebook and Instagram and how they will affect your social media presence.

Long & Co Internship Insights
Read this article 20th April 2018

Internship Insights: Leave Expectations At The Door

Imagine the first thing you would expect to learn on a Marketing nInternship. Now, whatever you had in mind- scrap it.

Long & Co, Brand and Marketing
Read this article 22nd January 2018

2018 Marketing insights from Long & Co – Part 2

We have gathered our top 10 trends in marketing in 2018 and are sharing this across a 2-part series. This is part 2 and final piece; read about our thoughts on Twitter, Instagram and the rise and rise of online shopping.

Read this article 3rd January 2018

2018 Market Insights from Long & Co – Part 1

We have gathered our top 10 trends in marketing in 2018 and are sharing these across a 2-part series. Read about the rise of AI, big data and voice here.

Cathrine Long and Lauren McNeil, Long & Co
Read this article 20th December 2017

2017 at Long & Co

If you told me that I’d be fortunate enough to have found an amazing colleague, scaled the business and be surrounded by talented people every day, I’d have thought there was nothing more I could ask leading into a new year.

Long & Co Office
Read this article 15th November 2017

Paid social- do you really need it?

A question you might ask as a business operator is; Should I focus more on my paid social or my organic social?; We believe you need the perfect balance of both.

Cathrine Long and Lauren McNeil, Long & Co
Read this article 3rd November 2017

Our 5 favourite October learnings

Wow, what month! The best laid plans and all that. We’ve had some epic fails and some great learnings. Hope these 5 insights can inspire you.

Cathrine Long, Director Long & Co
Read this article 20th September 2017

Your Marketing Partner means business

You might have seen on Long & Co social this week, we are building a new category in the market. We are calling this new category your marketing partner.

Long & Co, Marketing Partner
Read this article 14th September 2017

Marketing generalist or specialist – which is better for your business

In a few meetings lately we have heard ourselves clarify that we are nmarketing generalists. Not digital. Not social. Just marketing. Find out whether a generalist of a specialist is right for your business.