Don’t make the mistakes we have. Learn from 5 of our most valued missteps and insights gained over the past month:

1) Patience: When you love Apple enough to accept a 5 day wait for the privilege to drive their brand new faulty product across town and have their ‘genius’ confirm that “yep, its broken alright”.

Learning from mistakes... and just learning at Long & Co.

Learning from mistakes… and just learning.

2) Humility: When you realise that even considering accepting commissions from a supplier makes the client go; “Hang on! Why isn’t that passed on to us?”  The result: no commissions, clarity of the value of our contributions and a firm reminder of the delicate yet powerful concept of a marketing partnership.

3) Business before brand: Rebranding a financial client reminded us of the importance of business before branding. By eliminating a pain point for their customers (cancellation fees) we were able to develop a compelling proposition (30 days satisfaction guarantee). A small change with big growth potential.

Volvo owns 'safe'- a proposition that impacts their product. Not just their brand image.

Volvo owns ‘safe’- a proposition that impacts their product. Not just their brand image.

4) The importance of learnings: We really loved visiting the @CollectiveHub this month and learning more about brand. There key insights from this session:

A brand is an irrational bias: Why else would Supreme fans stand in line for hours to secure a new shipment of stock.
Successful brands manage to tap into the cultural conversation. This video shows our obsession with mobile phones.
Experience beats marketing every time. If your customers have an exceptional experience, they will talk about you. Just ask Ritz-Carlton. They went on quite the quest to give a forgotten, stuffed giraffe the holiday of his life.

5) New talent: We have been looking for new talent this month for an upcoming summer. What worked for us in the recruitment process was posting in niche social media groups (e.g. a Facebook group for up and coming marketers) and shout outs from other recruiters on LinkedIn. We tried contacting Careers Hub at the University of Newcastle  – this hasn’t worked (yet).

Enjoy November everyone, just imagine all the learnings in store for us in this coming month!

Cathrine xx

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