The games we played, the food we ate, the music we listened to – they all make us feel something. And at times of uncertainty, we yearn to feel good. Nostalgia is making a come back.


Tapping into fond memories can create a strong bond with our customers. Nostalgia can drive that optimistic feeling of walking down memory lane. Brand messaging with positive references from the 90s, 80s and 70s can humanise our brands, and forge meaningful connections between the past and present.

The relaunch of Adidas Originals drove a 25% increase in sales vs Nike’s 3% in the same period.

Adidas Long & Co

Photography by Adidas Originals


In an era of lockdown and uncertainty, we crave comfort. Cooking, crocheting and checkers are all activities in ferocious pursuit. These are not high cost activities, these are things that reminds us of better times.

Desserts with Long & Co

Photography by Vogue Paris



In today’s digital world, building connection is both welcome and easier than ever before. I’ve spent the best part of the the past few weeks checking in on school friends, family and business contacts. Ironically, this time of crisis has meant that I in many ways am more connected than ever before.

Connecting over fond memories makes us smile — and we are more likely to act when we feel good about something.


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