They say it takes a village, and they’re absolutely right. With the power of collaboration being a key theme in the launch our new space, we wanted to shine some light on the beautiful humans who made it all happen. Meet a few of our lovely makers and creators and let’s get to know them a little better.

Say hello to Kate Whitson (@allthingslinear), Craig Browning (@oas_computers), Tony Rhodes (@hlmullane), Keo Match (@keomatch) and Matt Cotts (@conlecsolutions).

Tell us something surprising about you:  

KateI’m the eldest of 9 children.  

Craig: My first full time job was at OAS 32 years ago (I liked it so much, I brought the company.. hehe) 

TonyI was a cub scout.  

KeoI’m colourblind. Most people find it pretty hard to believe as colour is very present in a lot of the creative projects I take on. 

Matt: I like for my things to be neat and tidy. Some may say that I’m a tad OCD.


How do you take your coffee? 

KateCold brew, with almond milk, Lion’s Mane and maple syrup. 

Craig: Depending on if I’m in a hurry or not, I’ll order a flat white with an extra shot, or just a double espresso. I like coffee!! 

TonyCappuccino or flat black depending on location and circumstance. 

Keo: Mocha. Large. 

Matt: Long black with a dash of cold milk.

Keo Match

What would you tell your 10-year younger self? 

Kate:  Your dreams are not at all outrageous in the future world. Do exactly what you dream of. 

Craig: Without getting all sooky, this year is actually 10 years since my beautiful wife was diagnosed with breast cancer so I would like to go back and say ‘Craig, Mel will beat this, everything will be Ok. Infact better than Ok, cause it is. 

TonyToday will likely frustrate and scare you but you will go further than you can believe in the next 10 years, go boldly.   

Keo: It’s all still to come. The hard work will be worth it. I promise. 

Matt: Stop stressing!!

Long & Co with OAS

Where do you see your industry headed in the future?

KateWe are being confronted with some massive issues in society; feeling time poor, feeling overwhelmed, stresses, anxiety and guilt about our over-consumption/ environmental issues. These are all relatively new, haven’t had the base causes pinpointed yet and feel very far out of our control. We need to find new ways of living that are sensitive to these problems and can reverse them. That can feel like too big a challenge for most people to attempt, or have the mental space to consider. Designing comforting homes and spaces can very easily turn into one of the biggest contributors of overconsumption and anxiety/stress too. I think it will tip over to reassessing the perceived history, conveniences and lifestyles we now live with. It seems like a very vague and intangible answer, but I feel like that will clear in the coming years. 

Craig: Being in IT, it’s such a moving target and cloud is such a big part of our business, so I do see this continuing. We foresee cyber security becoming a major issue in the next 12-24 months. Therefore, we’re focusing and investing heavily in cyber security initiatives as our next customer engagement topic.  

TonyTowards a rapidly increasing awareness in the value of clean water and energy and respect for the resources which allow us to have both in our society. 

Keo: I think we’re only just seeing the beginnings of digital art production and very soon the hybrid forms of art produced through the analog world meeting the digital one will be not only commonplace but essential in our lives. AR and VR are the way of the future. 

Matt: That there will be a shortage of qualified and caring tradesman that can produce work that is of high-quality. This in turn will create a demand for professional trades who get the job done efficiently, on-time and within budget. 

Why did you collaborate with Long & Co in opening our new space?  

 Kate:  Cathrine has incredible energy and vision and lives in this amazing world of marketing that is rather intriguing. How could you pass up the opportunity?!  

Craig: I found Long & Co warm and engaging, they asked for some help and then took the advice given, pretty simple. I also like to help people that are having a ‘crack’ at something new. 

Tony:  Cat is a good person with the potential to lead a great life and an enthusiasm which is likely to help others improve theirs.  

Keo: I like Long & Co’s vibe. Being asked to collaborate on a new space, especially in Newcastle where I sharpened my skills, is always an honour. I love seeing Newcastle thrive and I love seeing the businesses there do well. Long & Co is setting down some brilliant new roots in the CBD and having the opportunity to do something exciting and different for them is a fantastic. Hopefully the first of many collaborative projects to come. 

Matt: As a relatively new business, I was hoping to broaden my profile within in the Newcastle community and work alongside some amazing established businesses in the process. 

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