In a few meetings lately we have heard ourselves clarify that we are marketing generalists. Not digital. Not social. Just marketing.

Does this mean you are getting Plain Jane or Sassy Susan? Find out whether a generalist or a specialist is right for your business.

What is a general marketer?

Well, in our book it’s a person with a plan to sell more products and services. This person does not discriminate on tactics. He or she chooses the right tool for the job ahead.

Looking to create awareness among new prospects who typically spend their time on social media? Develop a social media strategy so you know what you’re doing, create compelling content and execute consistently over time.

Choosing the right tool. Photo @chelseamillerknives.

Choosing the right tool. Photo @chelseamillerknives.

Do you need a social media specialist for this? In our view, a marketer needs to understand how to best sell products and services. Anywhere.

Controversial we hear you say? Plain disrespectful to social media experts with deep knowledge about the best goal definition in PowerEditor you say? Listen, we love specialists as much as the next person, and we respect deep knowledge. Our view is, it is an obligation for all marketers to have a sound level of knowledge of all relevant marketing tools. Or know what a great idea is. Or how to drive more quality leads to a website. It’s just good business.

Digital vs social vs marketing vs business strategy?

Good grief, we tend to make this convoluted. Your most important strategy is your business strategy. An example of a business strategy is “We want to be the most loved wine retailer in NSW”. This tells us as marketers that your marketing strategy is focused on building relationships. Social is good for relationship building. So is email marketing. You can build a strategy using both. What about having some awesome high value offers on your website? Well, then you need to lead people to your website, perhaps from Google or Facebook. Think end-to-end and develop your inbound marketing strategy.

Is Plain Jane always right?

In our view, it isn’t one or the other. Jane and Susan are one and the same. Without being down on the industry we love, this is marketing and not rocket science. We need to have lateral thinking as well as deep expertise.

This is made possible via the democratisation of technology. Marketers can use Infusionsoft, Hubspot or Salesforce for end-to-end marketing. These tools allow non-designers and non-coders to manage their own CMS, create landing pages, responsive call-to-actions and email sequences.

The customer journey, how to delight!

The customer journey, how to delight!

How does it work?

Does this mean your Jane and Susan is your service partner, strategist and implementor? In Long & Co’s case – yes. We have decided to only hire marketing professionals. We have commercial experience, know our way around a shoot, understand good content and how to lead a prospect from Google, via an effective landing page to become a customer. Does this mean we pick up a video camera or build websites? No, we stay in our lane. We partner with specialists who are hands-down leaders in their field.

Curious about Long & Co?

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About Long & Co

Long & Co is a marketing company based in Newcastle with clients locally, in Sydney and interstate. We have one purpose and that is to help our clients go to the next level by unlocking their marketing potential. We do this by partnering with our clients, starting with strategy and then skilfully implementing.

Our expertise in strategy, creative, production and media delivers work that drives actual business results. We market for today, we love emerging technology and we grow because our clients do.

Cathrine Long, Director Long & Co

Cathrine Long, Director Long & Co