When I opened the Long & Co office as an abode for my brand and marketing company in late 2019, I had the help of some pretty amazing people. And this note is to celebrate them.

I’d come a long way from working at home, via a tiny shared office, to a place of my own. I finally have a space that feels like home. A place for me, and for some new friends. I’m not quite calling this a shared space, but a place for like-minded to work and collaborate. I am always curious to meet people doing something different; something better, something valued.

This dream couldn’t have become a reality if it weren’t for our brilliant Makers and Creators.  

I’m inspired by design and value the craftsmanship that goes into something built from scratch; this is reflected in the space. This boutique King Street office has a collection of things we value, whether it is the locally handmade table, or our gorgeous 1920’s inspired Melbournian lounge. A nod to the past while always eagerly looking toward the future. 

Every person that we brought in took the vision and brought it to life. So here’s to them. Thank you.  

Annie Everingham

For taking our boring white walls and transforming them with the dreamiest paintings.

Mark Aylward

The metal-working craftsman everyone needs in their lives. Boardroom walls, kitchen bench, outdoor bench, shelves, one huge table…we named it, and he did it.

House of Airlie

Stephanie Airlie-Noe. PR lady-boss of the Gods. Steph can make magic happen with just one wave of her wand. 

Beni Kesh

For the chicest floor rug imported from Morocco.

Cotton & Hide

Kate sourced our stunning vintage-inspired lounge to kick back and relax. Something every boutique office truly needs.


Our launch party was brought to you by wine… and more wine. Only the best though!


Ditto on the food. Canapés that dreams are made of.

Keo Match

For making our office REALLY stand out from the crowd with the coolest window decal design… and if you haven’t checked out the Augmented Reality element yet… you are in for a surprise. 

Broadley Signs

Without these guys, there wouldn’t even be any window decals! The most precise. The most attention to detail.

OAS Technology

Thanks to them, we’re one of the most technologically advanced on the block. They opened our eyes to the smart TV world.

CONLEC Solutions

The does-all of electricity. We’d be working in the dark and without internet if it wasn’t for Matt’s efficient hard work and slight OCD. 

All Things Linear 

Kate’s energy is warm and genuine. Thank you Kate for your input into the styling and design of our new 9-5 home.

High Swan Dive

Our office air is fresher and cleaner thanks to your perfectly lush and leafy gems. 

HL Mullane

Without these guys we wouldn’t have the right plumbing for our dishwasher and coffee machine…absolute necessities that we sometimes take for granted. 

Good Brother

Catering to our caffeine dependencies with coffee education and vintage digs.

Monsoon Living

Turkish pillows to die for and the most gorgeous knick-knacks that you don’t need but just have to have. 

So here’s to the early mornings, exhausted nights, coffee, sweat and hustle. Here’s to an exciting post-Covid 2020, where this space can be a place for new great people to come together. We made it happen, but not without our Makers and Creators.  

Cheers xx 

PS: If you’re sick of commuting to Sydney or working from home, check out our daypass.