The decision to hire Long & Co’s first employee was one that inspired excitement but also trepidation as I realised that before I looked externally for my hire, I had to do a thorough internal review.

It was an important time to confirm and strengthen the Long & Co purpose and company values to ensure that I could attract a person who sees the world like I do. Sound like a dictatorship? Read on.

Starting with Why

Starting with why is a theme you might have heard me talk about previously. If we start with why, we connect with people at a deeper level, because we appeal to people who see the world like we do. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what we do, but they buy why we do it. There are plenty of marketing companies, coffee makers and computer manufacturers out there. Apple has stated their purpose is to create a dent in the universe”. I tell you what, that belief appeals to me (she says as she happily keys in words on her MacBook Pro).

People buy what they understand and like. They mightn’t know why they’re buying it but off they go with their Apple laptop or in their Nike sneakers. When they meet a fellow Apple user they sense kinship. Together they realise they’re part of Apple’s vision of making a dent in the universe. It unites them in a cause. Things flow easier. And frankly; I want as much flow as the universe can muster.

Long & Co’s why is to help SME clients unlock their marketing potential so they can take their business to the next level. If I had to rationalise the heritage of this ‘Why’ I reckon it comes from my Scandinavian social democratic upbringing. After all,  why should A grade marketing only be available to big corporations? Why can’t SMEs have some of that fun and effective stuff the big guys are getting?

Be Remarkable

Having clear company values is vital as you use these deeply held principles to choose between right and wrong ways of working. The first value that is integral to the success of Long & Co, ‘Be remarkable: Be a person of good character. Know why you are doing it’. Being remarkable means beige isn’t an option. Being a person of good character means always striving to do the right thing. And knowing why you’re doing it helps you focus and connect in in a more meaningful way.

Collaborate Deeply

Secondly, I want Long & Co to, ‘Collaborate deeply: Add more value than we ask for in return’. In my first meeting with my new Marketing Associate, Lauren, I instilled in her the importance of ‘smothering our clients with love’. I aspire for Long & Co to have a reputation as a company that will go above and beyond for our clients. It’s just good business.

Your marketing ROI is a result of your strategy.

We believe in collaborating deeply and always adding more value that we ask for in return. 

Imagine It

Our final value is an urge to push ourselves creatively and strategically. We are in the brand and marketing business after all. I believe that if you can imagine it, you can do it. Being different cuts through. Cutting through has the ability to delight. And if we delight we grow.

I know that Long & Co will continue moving in the right direction if I pull people in that can live these values. I hope this piece inspires you to look at your own purpose and company values. Say hello next time we pass each other. We might sense kinship. I reckon it’s more fun when that happens. And after all, life’s too short not to enjoy it!

About Long & Co

Long & Co is a small brand and digital alternative to a big agency. We offer everything an agency does, without the overhead. We have a network of talent across Sydney, Newcastle and Byron Bay. We think and we do.

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We believe in deep collaboration and always starting with ‘why’.