Meet Becca from Mustard Made. Mustard have jumped onboard to support Long & Co’s new exhibition ‘Toward the Sun’ with Prudence DeMarchi in our lovely space in King St, Newcastle. Join our conversation with this emerging global e-commerce brand. 

Who is Becca?

I’m one half of Mustard Made, a colourful brand that sells lockers for kids, homes and work spaces. Jess, my sister, is the other half and she lives in London so we run the business together from opposite sides of the world. We started with a love of vintage lockers and a feeling that maybe we weren’t the only ones who needed storage but also wanted it to be beautiful.

What is your dream for your business?

Honestly, I’m living my dream! Working with my sister, having a job that is filled with variety and challenge, being able to turn my ideas into real tangible things… these are all things that I’m grateful for in our business.

I love having a small team of good people around me and look forward to growing it but I’m a big believer in being present where you are. I don’t tend to have fixed ideas about what the future looks like.

What does it take to build a successful e-commerce brand today?  

The recipe would be something like: great products + strong photography + a story + a lot of hard work! 

You aren’t the first person to sell things online so finding out what works from others, asking a lot of questions, researching the hell out of things and being open to change are all going to be a good place to start.  Our business is still so young but we are constantly evolving and improving. It’s so important to look after your customers and make their experience as positive as possible so we put a lot of energy into that.

How has this changed in the past 3 years?

This year has been complicated and frustrating for e-commerce but there’s also been a lot of good in amongst the tough bits. Shopping online has become the norm for more people than ever before. It’s a great time to take advantage of that and provide an online service or product. However, behind the scenes, shipping, freight and sourcing have all become so much more tedious. If I was launching a business now I’d  think very carefully about the kind of products I sold and their relevance and value in a Covid-19 world. But I certainly wouldn’t let it stop me!

What would you go back and tell yourself at 20?

Be kind to yourself. Life is long and there’s plenty of time to learn.

Long & Co talks business with Mustard Made

Why support Long & Co in this initiative?

I have a motto that I always say to Jess and use as a bit of a guide when I’m considering an opportunity: “It’s all about the people.” We love working with small female owned businesses and as cheesy as it sounds I’m confident that women supporting women is one of the best ways we can improve the world. Being invited to work with Long & Co and a talented bunch of women is a privilege!

What’s next for Mustard?

Well, we did have a huge plan to launch in America this year so when the time is right we will put the plan into motion. Until then I’ll be busy relearning how to juggle work with a newborn, getting some new products and a new colour into the world early year!

Mustard Made Baskets at Long & Co


Long & Co Collaborators

Mustard Lockers and Art Exhibition at Long & Co

Long & Co are currently featuring Mustard Made storage solutions alongside the beautiful new works of Prudence DeMarchi here at Long & Co. We are calling this collaboration ‘Toward the Sun’.

You can now buy Mustard pieces on their website, and enter ‘Toward the Sun’ to get a special 10% off your price.

Prudence’s pieces is available in our online shop:

A proportion of every sale from Mustard and Prudence gets donated to Studio A in support of artists with intellectual disabilities.

Photography in this story by Get Rosy. Styling by Frank & Sonder.

Are you our next collaborator?

We are looking for our next artist collaborators for 2021. If you are keen to learn more about exhibiting and selling your artwork via our space in Newcastle East and online, contact us here. 

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