Recently, I was invited by the University of Newcastle to give a lecture on leadership. That made me stop and wonder: Am I a leader?

When I looked up the courses definition on leadership, it said:  “A person who guides, or shows the way, one who exercises influence over others, one who enlists the cooperation of others to achieve specific outcomes.”  So, I guess that does make me at least a leader in training. 

We do different to what we say

When it comes to leadership, experience from my industry tells us that people say they follow character – but they follow clarity. Watch this video explaining the concept of clarity vs character:

Make America Great Again

Just think about Hillary Clinton – who remembers her campaign slogan? I’m With Her.

What about Donald Trump? Make America great again.  

People say they follow character, but they follow clarity. People won’t follow if they’re unclear about where you’re going. And you need good followers to achieve great things. 

Lets think about the leaders we want to be

It is a little bit depressing to think about leadership only from a clarity prism. What about character? We’ve got you:

We love the concept of leaders being both hungry, humble and smart. Leaders need to be hungry for sure. They also need humility to avoid being tossers. And finally smart. Not as in IQ smart, more like EQ.

Hunger drives results. Humility is not thinking less of oneself, but less about oneself. And smarts is all about being good with people. 

Great leaders are clear and have good character. To be a good follower, actually liking the leader helps a lot, right?

Long & Co Director, Cat, gives a lecture on leadership.

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