You’re a business leader or talented marketer planning FY 22/23. You are launching something new, transforming or rethinking. Could be a business, brand or campaign. Congrats! Oh we love this. This is our jam, this is what we do. Let me show you how:

Marketing isn’t the most important

Let’s start with your business, strategy and product. It’s super inefficient to promote something people don’t like or understand.

7-step approach:

  1. Let’s think and talk to your customers and team about what the need is.
  2. We can help you shape your offer ensuring a great product x market fit.
  3. Perhaps your brand or campaign needs a website.
  4. You probably need some great content. And the right people to see and hear about it.
  5. You might be doing some socials and emails, but you don’t have a great lead funnel.
  6. We help you break off part of your product and offer it in a way that scales. Freemium, scarcity, aspirational, subscription.
  7. What is the NY Times of your customers? Instagram, Broadsheet, AFR, billboards. Introduce your offer there.

When do you need external help?

If you are going through a strategic change and need to scope, budget, build and launch something of importance to your business and reputation – agencies can help.

Talk to your agency about your growth opportunity. Have a budget and scope in mind, and invite them to help shape this up alongside you. One of the things we see from time to time, are great ideas without the required budget or stakeholder buy-in. We can help you get your project off the ground, with the right approach, resources and support. Look at our recent work to determine if we could be a fit for you.

What we like, what we don’t

We love to help clients build their brand and grow their businesses. We work well with people who do things that matters for people who care. Companies who want to set themselves apart, with vision and ability to get it done.

Typically, our clients are 6 and 7 figure businesses. They have been around for a few years, are looking for a new agency or to grow in more contemporary ways.

We also work with scale ups and new businesses who have a certain something.


How much to spend with an Agency

Get your wallets ready, this is going to cost you. How much, you ask? It can be a lot.

Depending on who you are and who the agency is (truly) the budget will vary.

Back in the days, an ad agency could charge $1m for a TV commercial or $100m on a brand campaign (Microsoft, Apple).  Mind you, Apple turned around a $2b loss after their brand campaign “The Crazy Ones”, so still very good ROI.

These days agencies charge a lot less. The reason for this is three-fold.

First, the gig economy means many talented players leave the big agencies because they can fend for themselves. Secondly, affordable tools (Slack, Zoom, Office 365, Canva, socials) are lowering barriers to enter and connects people without the overhead. Third, growth hacking can be affordable if you have a strong idea that spreads (Snapchat disappearing messages, white iPhone headphones in a sea of black, one strong copy line at the bottom of the early Hotmail accounts to refer a friend).

What does this mean for you? You’ve got choice. But in this abundance, talent can be scarce. Cheap is cheap. But paying for stuff you don’t need is getting old.

If you think there is something in this, take a look around our website to see if we could be a match.

Let’s start with a therapy session

A good way to consider working together on your business, brand or campaign is this: Let’s start with a therapy session.

  1. What is the problem we are trying to solve and why does this matter?
  2. What is your business plan?
  3. What is your data telling us and what are your goals?
  4. What are you famous for, where is the opportunity, and how are you positioned to win?
  5. Do you have an effective lead funnel and is your website doing a good job for you?

From here we shape up your prescription on how we best solve your business, brand or campaign. We work alongside you to develop a strong brief, the right priorities and budget.

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