Imagine the first thing you would expect to learn on a Marketing Internship. Now, whatever you had in mind- scrap it.

My first day of a two-week internship with boutique Marketing company, Long & Co has taught me to leave my expectations at the door.

I am a third year Communications student that was living with the belief that the concepts and theories we learn at Uni would never truly be used in the ‘real world’.

After only one day at Long & Co, I can see that, in fact, these concepts are extremely important and significantly underpin the Marketing work that they do. One specific concept that is extremely influential to the work of Long & Co is Simon Sinek’s, the importance of starting with ‘Why.

Complicated marketing concepts- useful tools to underpin great work. Pic by

Complicated marketing concepts- useful tools to underpin great work. Pic by

The ‘Why’ the ‘How’ the ‘What’

Have you heard of the Golden Circle concept? When I started with Long & Co, I didn’t have a clue what it meant but I was soon to learn that it is a visual representation of the importance of starting with ‘Why’. Simon’s Golden Circle urges a company to emphasise their ‘Why’ and to ensure that their ‘Why’ always comes first.

'Why' is always at the core of Simon Sinek's Golden Circle. Pic by Employment Law.

‘Why’ is always at the core of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. Pic by Employment Law.

The ‘Why’

The ‘Why’ is what makes a brand or company thrive. Yes, it’s the smallest circle and yes, not many companies know what their ‘Why’ is; but it is the most important part of a business. It is their whole purpose.

At Long & Co their ‘Why’ is to, “Partner with clients to unlock their marketing potential so they can take their business to the next level”. You can’t take a business to the next level on a ‘How’ or ‘What’, hence why they are both on the outer of the Golden Circle. It would never work anyway. Why? Because a company operating with just a ‘how’ and a ‘what’ would not have a unique edge. So many companies and competitors have the same ‘What’, so they need a unique ‘Why’ to differentiate.

Marketing where the future may not be clearer but the next level will be. Pic by David Besh.

Marketing where the future may not be clearer but the next level will be. Pic by David Besh.

In order to elucidate the concept of the Golden Circle, let me ask you to think of technology giant, Apple. We think it is fair to say that Apple has nearly reached world domination (sorry to any Samsung fans). They could not have reached this level of success if they started from their ‘What’. Apple’s ‘Why’ is truly unique: ‘To create a dent in the universe’. Simple? Yes. But it is what differentiates their purpose from other digital brands.

The ‘How’

One of Long & Co’s core values that truly stood out to me is: Be remarkable. At Long & Co they always aim to give their clients what they want in a way that is remarkable. That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it? Everyone wants to be taken care of, to not feel as if they are burdening anyone and to feel continuously supported.

How do Long & Co do this? Communication is key, support is key, and honesty is key. Yes, you hear about school teachers having staff meetings every so often but here at Long & Co meetings are daily, everyone is verbal about what they are currently working on and what they have planned for the day. Everyone is kept in the loop. In my opinion, Long & Co’s clients are lucky to have such a strong team behind them who care so much.

To be remarkable starts with planning ahead. Pic by Jess Watters

To be remarkable starts with planning ahead. Pic by Jess Watters.

The ‘What’

Simply put, Long & Co help businesses step out of the crowd with a clear message, effective marketing and increased profits. As an intern, I did not realise exactly how much work goes on behind the scenes of marketing a product or service. So many different tools, strategies and processes, but with their expertise Long & Co do it well.

Now, you have an image of what I learnt during my first day at Long & Co and I truly believe starting with ‘Why’ is what makes the business thrive.

Long & Co start with their ‘Why’, to take business to the level, implement their ‘How’ by being remarkable, and provide their ‘What’ by dedicating time and expertise to effectively market their clients and reach goals.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to learn more about Long & Co please get in touch.

Warm regards,

Brianna Weir

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