This was me on my way to work this morning. I walked to work in my brand new, self-gifted Christmas present. My precious Golden Goose Italian hand made sneakers. And what I goose I am.

I’m the goose 🙋‍♀️

My golden pair of joggers set me back just south of a G. Yup, ridiculous I know. I spotted them while shopping for someone else (blush). In a moment of weakness I picked them up and studied them. They looked different. They looked… worn.

Well, of course I had to have them. I tried them on, still appalled at the price tag. Who do they think I am? Some schmuck out of touch with what’s what. And presumable one they were expecting would be their egg-laying goose. I produced the goods. And Im still paying for it.

First, I carefully wrapped the shoes and placed them under my Christmas tree. This was me justifying the purchase: a gift from me to me!

Then I didn’t wear them (too hot, too new, too far to walk).

I finally packed them for a weekend away. I tried to wear them for a special outing. They hurt. Oh boy did they hurt. I took them back.

They gave me a new pair of slightly more expensive golden geese to wear. And I did, today. Ouch. Still painful. Blisters. Sock chewers. Reminders of the goose I am.

Yet. I still love my golden geese. They’re distressed. Im distressed. We’re in this together them and I.

And that’s great branding isn’t it? I don’t know why I paid and why I continue to suffer. But I do, and Im good with it.

These shoes might be a fools errand. But they’re my fools. And foolish things can be fun sometimes. After all, life is dull if we don’t choose to be a goose from time to time.

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