It’s been a hell of a few weeks. I’m writing this on my iPhone mid flight from Sydney to Boston.

Sounds pretty fabulous I know, but the last few weeks have been anything but.

3 blows but still flying

Looking back, the warning signs were there in May but it took me to August to fully realise them.

  1. A client who promised regular, perhaps a little processed oriented but steady work, did not renew our agreement. I brushed myself off and told everyone who would listen this is a blessing in disguise. This will bring freedom, not constraints, you’ll see!
  2. Then, despite having sworn off letting people go seeing too much of that in corporate life, I asked a team member to leave.
  3. Finally, in a twist a client decided to in-house their marketing using the staff member I’d let go. Ironic.

Screw that!

I’ve been taking it all in. A voice inside my head reminds me of what a German pricing strategist I once told me: “If you’re not growing, you are dying”. Well, our current bank statement can confirm we’re not currently growing. But to hell with dying!

The truth is, I have this vivid vision of what our marketing company can be. More high-street than main-street. Communication that is interesting not polluting. Building client relationships with people who aspire to something new and different in Newcastle.

I see early signs of client revolt against the establishment. Of clients searching for alternatives to agencies who have power-brokers at the top and pre-existing relationships based on a “don’t rock the boat” mentality. Screw that! Rock the boat! Your business may be depending on it.

Boston: “Hawaya”

So what am I up to in Boston? I’m attending Inbound. I’m investing in growth and you’ll hear insights from the trip shortly.

If we are to realise our vision we need to keep learning. Bring this back to Newcastle and strengthen our offering.

You see, despite these past few weeks I believe we will win. It’s this self-belief that is more important than anything else. It’s everything.

Despite the setbacks, we’ve had some wonderful moments. Moments where the set backs have opened up our path, has given me a serious kick up the back to get out there and ask for work and in return been given time from some truly amazing people.

God help me, it’s too early to celebrate. But I can see there are good times ahead. Can you see it? This will be a great time to learn from global leaders and to refocus on what the next level can look like for all of us. We will keep you posted!

Cat xx

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