Are you looking to persuade a high-stakes decision maker to act, buy or support something? Don’t start with facts. Because facts don’t sell. Stories do.

They say facts, you say next

High performing executives and business leaders believe they need facts to persuade their decision makers. They don’t. Here’s the thing:

Facts are insufficient and often unnecessary when you are trying to persuade someone.

People use facts to post-rationalise a decision (it was cheaper, more fuel efficient, had improved health outcomes). But facts rarely, if ever, capture people’s attention like stories do.

You are more likely to succeed by leading with a compelling story, and then possibly (if at all) supporting this with facts about why (more so the buyer can feel better).

Just think about why you bought your car. Why you let your kid win that card game. We say we are rational, and then we behave irrationally.

You are seeking those people, who already believe in the truth you believe in. You have to, like me, like most of us, walk across many rocks to get to those people. They are your tribe. They are already agreeing with you, so your story is simply confirming to them, their own truth.

Politicians, non-profits and amateur marketers believe they need facts. But great leaders win with stories, because they know people will do what feels right. Even if it isn’t factually right.

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