You’re a business leader or talented marketer planning FY 21/22. You know about digital, but would like to make it worth it.

Times, while better than 2020, are still tough. Customers are won online and offline. The problem is figuring out the right mix, pitch and budget.

Digital marketing – how you do it

Not only do you have to be a marketing leader these days. You’ve got to be a digital or social media marketer as well. No you don’t.

3 tips:

  1. Ask what strategic challenges the business is facing.
  2. Don’t fall for the ‘digital first’ thinking. Customer first. Always.
  3. Take three steps back from social media marketing. Objectives, positioning and budget first.

Access your digital marketing report here. This will set you up for FY 21/22.

What’s hot

Clubhouse is a new social media App with a growing momentum. Podcasts are maturing. Instagram stories and video still dominate.

Find out what is hot and what is not, by accessing the full digital marketing report here.

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