Do you have an app that needs more downloads and active users? This was the brief Long & Co received from a government client recently. And we said: Who doesn’t?

App Downloads is Driven by Demand

2021 has seen a drastic rise in app usage. And now you’re keen to see some of the action. Some of the apps you will be competing with include Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and TikTok.

tik tok

Above: This Tik Tok compilation shows global mega star Bella Poarch who has over 50M followers. How she did it? We enjoy looking at attractive faces for a start. And then there is talent of course. Bella is a superb lip-syncer.

It’s a Jungle Out There

The App market is competitive and congested. People don’t have space in their phones (or in their minds) for Apps that don’t add significant value.

You are competing here against the weather, news, social, music, health alerts and a ton of other ‘life-hacks’.

Here are some things I consider in a strategy and marketing approach:

1. Do you believe in your app? OK great. Now; does your app look good? And is the user experience smooth?

Apps at Long & Co

Above: App design is like any other design. It’s easy to get it wrong. And hard to make it stand apart.

Get People’s Attention

2. What will we need to do to get people’s attention?

Apps are like any other product. It has to be brilliant and then you have to be able to get people’s attention.

Arresting content via social media works. Blogging works. Simple landing pages work. Crisp photography, great videos and clever copy writing; yes please. This all paves the path to the App store or Google Play (OK, less Google Play, with App store seeing 85% of App downloads).  Now what?

Marketing Strategy

3. Design your strategy according to your apps lifecycle

Pre-launch: Build your credibility. At the start you want some trustworthy media coverage, reviews and virality. You also want some good work already in place in the App Store in terms of great user experience, design, keywords and ads. If you have a limited budget, spend most of it on some old-school PR and the rest optimising your App store.

Launch: Set smart goals. Cost per install (CPI) is about $2.50 in the App store vs $5.50 in social. That means that if your goal is to secure 10,000 downloads, you need to factor in a media budget of $25K+ ($10K x $2.50 = $25K). And that is aside from the cost of planning, setting up, producing content and managing the campaign.

Build and maintain: This is all about loyalty and retention. You can achieve great organic growth by working with the right digital specialists who can optimise for cost per click (CPC), cost per install (CPI) and most importantly; active users.

Reinforce your app’s value via PR and sponsoring podcasts. Create an awesome intro video, gather great reviews, provide helpful push notifications, run engaging competitions or work with influencers. These are all strong tactics that help build a winning approach.

A Market in Growth

The app market is growing, and consumer spending in apps is growing with it. Revenues are forecast to grow to $935B by 2023. That is a 60% growth over the next 3 years.

Planning Your Mobile App Strategy in 2021

A good way to start is by planning a holistic app marketing approach. Focus on long-term app engagement and remain competitive in an increasingly crowded app marketplace. The growth ahead will entice new market entries, so while you might not be the first you will need to be the best.

A successful approach blends organic and paid growth strategies to maximise app discoverability, user acquisition and, most importantly, retention of high-value, loyal users. Proactive planning, testing and staying ahead of trends, will be key to achieve your business goals.

Are you building a new app to dominate in your industry in 2021? Do you need to drive app downloads and active users? Hello Long & Co xx

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