Marketing a Giving Strategy

I’m going to be honest. I give to get. Oh, I blush admitting it. So much so, that realising this initially, I didn’t know what to do about it. So I did what many would. Nothing.

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Charitable acts are tricky 

Opening Long & Co’s office late last year. You know; big party, pre-Covid, many opportunities. I wanted to combine my passion for artists’ success, and giving back. Some amazing brands came on board, and we managed to raise money for Dress for Success.

Making the donation, I knew I should promote it. But something made me pause. And I’m a marketer! This made me dig into why we feel uncomfortable juggling humility and marketing.

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CSR should be celebrated 

We give because we get more value in return. And that’s a great thing!

Companies have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, both because they want to do good, and because it helps build their reputation.

Not-for-profit organisations benefit from your marketing. And with the rise of the internet, increasing transparency demand companies give back.

But not all circumstances are giving circumstances.

Linking the giving back to our company purpose, helps us understand if the donation aligns with company goals, vision and values. Aligning our company purpose to our charitable acts creates a competitive advantage. 

It helps lift our gaze, make faster decisions, increase trust, loyalty and investment.

How Long & Co’s purpose links to CSR 

I help clients step out from the crowd and drive results.

This purpose is deeply seeded in my belief that clarity brings the right people together. I cannot stand polluting communication, boring design or scattergun marketing. I believe great companies can achieve big things, if they dare step out and do something that is appreciated.

So, I back anyone who see the world like I do. People who put themselves out there, try to make the world more beautiful, interesting or happy through acts of creativity or entrepreneurship.

I am also a great believer in opportunity. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and my way out was education. But I have been helped by many hands along the way. And so Dress for Success aligned well for Long & Co’s 2020 initiative.

How did we do it?

Giving is not only beholden to large companies. Small players can make an impact as well. Here is what we did:

For every artwork or office knick-knack we sold through our online shop, we made a donation to Dress for Success.

We set up an ecommerce shop (using WooCommerce) and added our products to Facebook and Instagram. We promoted our offer, and had a great big party.

The result? We have donated $1500 to Dress for Success in 2020. People bought artwork by Annie Everingham and browsed goodies from Monsoon Living, Mark Aylward and Beni Kesh. We have been able to share good stories to further everyone involved. And give back in a time of Covid.

Your 2021 Giving Guide

There are 6 key steps to a giving strategy. Preview our Giving Strategy report here.

It begins with linking your charitable act to your company purpose and ends with considering the company bottom line.

Should your company have a CSR strategy? Download our Giving Strategy here.

What’s next?

Oh, I’m so glad you ask. We have our next exhibiting artist, Prudence DeMarchi, already covering our walls with her latest pieces. You can make your pre-order right here.

For every artwork you buy, we will be making a donation to Studio A. Studio A supports artists with intellectual disabilities, who struggle with barriers accessing conventional pathways to a successful career. They have recently shortlisted a finalist for this years’ Archibald Prize.

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