Your competitive advantage

Understanding your core competitive advantage is where it’s at. Many businesses don’t know what their competitive advantage is. Never mind being able to articulate this in a persuasive way 🙅‍♀️

This is yours

Yes please: Skills. Expertise. Speed. Connections. Emotional intelligence.

No ma’am: New. Better. Number 1.

What is Long & Co’s? 

Long & Co’s competitive advantage is that we know how to grow strategic brands. Having spent 20 years growing my expertise, I’ve launched @longandco as a big agency alternative. So many years to launch something so simple. Now; where this becomes true is my ability to come up with ideas that draws in hard-to-replicate, highly skilled, creative talent to work alongside me. This talent knows what’s what. They don’t work with no fools 😉

Because I don’t hire them full time, this means clients can build their brands without paying big agency fees. Because we are experienced, we have the emotional intelligence to really look after our clients. And so that is Long & Co. Small, think and care big, and don’t have an agency workforce to feed. What’s yours?

Check out our work here. Pretty proud!