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Long & Co Newcastle Marketing
Long & Co Director Cathrine Long with Alissa McCulloch. Long and Co is a Newcastle digital marketing company.
Read this article 7th August 2017

Part 3 – Tsunami of Change: HUNTERhunter

HUNTERhunter was started as a side hustle 4 years ago by Alissa McCulloch and her business partner Fiona Gray.

Mr Grugeon making an impression on Long & Co. Photo by @alexandermcintyre.
Read this article 4th August 2017

Part 1 – The Change: Mr Hilton Grugeon

Change frightens most people, people are scared of change. Mr Hilton Grugeon, sits across from me in his boardroom at Hunter Land in Thornton, NSW.

Long & Co senses a change in Newcastle
Read this article 3rd August 2017

The Change in Newcastle

I know you’ve sensed it. The change in Newcastle. I don’t know when it nstarted. Was it when Lonely Planet told us Newy is actually a pretty cool nplace? Was it when the Baird government started tearing up the rail tracks? nWas it when your cool friend from Sydney finally relented and bought a nhouse ...