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Long & Co Newcastle Marketing
Craft at Long & Co
Read this article 6th May 2020

Wabi-sabi with a craftsman

Mark’s passion lies in working with reclaimed timber. He’s worked with his hands for as long as he can remember, and when he drifted from this path, he knew in his core that he needed to return.  

Coffee with Beni Kesh
Read this article 5th January 2020

The Queen of Rug-Slinging

Meet Chantelle. Chantelle is the founder of Beni Kesh, a moroccan rug importer and textiles retailer based in Sydney.

&Co New Space
Read this article 17th October 2019

Hello & Co

Hello &Co. This is a space for Long & Co’s brand, strategy and technology company. But it is also a platform for carefully selected “ultra-specialists”, artists and collaborators, also known as “&Co”.

Long & Co Director Cathrine Long with Alissa McCulloch. Long and Co is a Newcastle digital marketing company.
Read this article 7th August 2017

Part 3 – Tsunami of Change: HUNTERhunter

HUNTERhunter was started as a side hustle 4 years ago by Alissa McCulloch and her business partner Fiona Gray.

Mr Grugeon making an impression on Long & Co. Photo by @alexandermcintyre.
Read this article 4th August 2017

Part 1 – The Change: Mr Hilton Grugeon

Change frightens most people, people are scared of change. Mr Hilton Grugeon, sits across from me in his boardroom at Hunter Land in Thornton, NSW.

Long & Co senses a change in Newcastle
Read this article 3rd August 2017

The Change in Newcastle

I know you’ve sensed it. The change in Newcastle. I don’t know when it nstarted. Was it when Lonely Planet told us Newy is actually a pretty cool nplace? Was it when the Baird government started tearing up the rail tracks? nWas it when your cool friend from Sydney finally relented and bought a nhouse ...