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Our favourite insights, learnings and advice. We hope you enjoy!

Long & Co Newcastle Marketing
Brianna Weir, Long & Co Marketing Intern
Read this article 1st June 2018

Take a leap: Open Yourself Up to New Opportunities

It feels like my brain is brimming with more intellect than I have ever had. I’ll be honest, I never thought I would learn so much in a couple of weeks, but I feel during my internship with Long & Co, I have grown not just in knowledge but as a person.

Long & Co Internship Insights
Read this article 20th April 2018

Internship Insights: Leave Expectations At The Door

Imagine the first thing you would expect to learn on a Marketing nInternship. Now, whatever you had in mind- scrap it.

Cathrine Long and Lauren McNeil, Long & Co
Read this article 20th December 2017

2017 at Long & Co

If you told me that I’d be fortunate enough to have found an amazing colleague, scaled the business and be surrounded by talented people every day, I’d have thought there was nothing more I could ask leading into a new year.

Cathrine Long and Lauren McNeil, Long & Co
Read this article 3rd November 2017

Our 5 favourite October learnings

Wow, what month! The best laid plans and all that. We’ve had some epic fails and some great learnings. Hope these 5 insights can inspire you.

Lauren McNeil, Long & Co
Read this article 23rd August 2017

Long & Co Values, Creating a Culture of Why

When reading over my letter of employment for my new role at Long & Co, I was very intrigued by one of the company values, “Be remarkable: Know ‘why’ you are doing it”.

Long & Co office, Newcastle Australia
Read this article 27th October 2016

Welcome to Long & Co.

This blog post is the first for Long & Co, but the story is one that started long time ago. Several years ago, five to be exact, I was travelling on an plane from Europe to Australia after living three years in Norway.