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Our favourite insights, learnings and advice. We hope you enjoy!

Long & Co Newcastle Marketing
Long & Co attends Inbound 2018
Read this article 2nd December 2018

3 Insights for Business Leaders from Inbound 2018

To stay ahead of the latest brand and marketing trends, Long & Co travelled to Boston in September to attend Inbound 2018. Here are 3 key insights we believe will be relevant to you as a business owner or leader.
Have you ever considered attending Inbound? We’ve also put together some tips to help make your trip seamless.

Doddle & Co team in New York. Long and Co Marketing Newcastle
Read this article 27th November 2018

Our 9 Favourite Business Insights from New York, Stockholm and Sydney in 2018

We’ve collected our favourite insights from New York, Sydney and Stockholm throughout 2018.

Cathrine Long, Director of Long & Co
Read this article 2nd September 2018

Fasten seatbelts for a bumpy ride

It’s been a hell of a few weeks. Looking back, the warning signs were there in May but it took us to August to fully realise them. If you’re a business owner; this one is for you.

Long & Co, Brand and Marketing
Read this article 22nd January 2018

2018 Marketing insights from Long & Co – Part 2

We have gathered our top 10 trends in marketing in 2018 and are sharing this across a 2-part series. This is part 2 and final piece; read about our thoughts on Twitter, Instagram and the rise and rise of online shopping.

Read this article 3rd January 2018

2018 Market Insights from Long & Co – Part 1

We have gathered our top 10 trends in marketing in 2018 and are sharing these across a 2-part series. Read about the rise of AI, big data and voice here.

Cathrine Long and Lauren McNeil, Long & Co
Read this article 3rd November 2017

Our 5 favourite October learnings

Wow, what month! The best laid plans and all that. We’ve had some epic fails and some great learnings. Hope these 5 insights can inspire you.

Long & Co talks to Barney Collins.
Read this article 6th August 2017

Part 2 – More Change: Mr Barney Collins, EJE

We were honoured to speak with Barney Collins, Director with EJE Architects, about the recent change in Newcastle.

Mr Grugeon making an impression on Long & Co. Photo by @alexandermcintyre.
Read this article 4th August 2017

Part 1 – The Change: Mr Hilton Grugeon

Change frightens most people, people are scared of change. Mr Hilton Grugeon, sits across from me in his boardroom at Hunter Land in Thornton, NSW.

Kyle Loades, Chairman of NRMA speaks to Long & Co
Read this article 7th December 2016

Kyle Loades, the Innovator

“I don’t want a Kodak moment”. NRMA Chairman, Kyle Loades, states this in no uncertain terms as he gazes over Newcastle Beach on a sunny Tuesday morning.