Branding is being liked. Being preferred over something or someone else. As such, branding can be very profitable. Thinking about brand and brand positioning is a fundamental strategic effort. It helps set you apart from your competitors, it builds customer loyalty and gives you focus. Here are 9 tips to help you build your brand in 2022:

1. Brand audit 

What do you do, how is this different and why does this matter?  

2. Brand positioning

Brand positioning is carving out a place in people’s heads and hearts. A strong position considers your brand strengths, competitive opportunities and what the market needs. 

3. Customer personas

Who are your customers. What problem do they have that you can help them solve?

4. Competitors  

Who do you compete against and what makes you different?

5. Unique  

Singular. Not uniquer or more unique. What is the one thing you can own as only yours? Apple owns simplicity. FedEx owns speed.

6. Value proposition 

A value proposition means enticing someone to buy. It’s that simple. Here is an example of Long & Co’s value proposition:

Long & Co is for people who believe it’s important to stand apart in a crowded market. I focus on doing work that matters for people who cares. I promise that engaging with what I make will give you a truly loved brand.

7. Strategy

A strategy is a plan to win. Virgin Atlantic’s strategy was to be more entertaining than British Airways. So everything they did focused on being more fun.

Long & Co’s strategy is to build brands people love.

We elevate how you look, what you say, what you offer. We bring this to life where your brand shows up. In a retail experience, on social media or your website. This shapes what people think and how they feel about your brand.

8. Story

A strategy is easier to follow if it sits inside a story. A compelling story often starts with a protagonist who is facing a problem. We explore the problem alongside the protagonist and become quite fond of their character in the process. So much so that their story becomes our story. And rather than remaining a bystander, we are compelled to join their journey leading to failure or success.

9. Execute 

Executing your brand story can be done in many ways. A story can be a product. It can be an experience. A meeting. A proposal. A video. An email. You tell your story in everything you do, everyday. Your story becomes your brand. Your brand gives people a reason to choose you. And being chosen can become a very profitable strategy. 

Are you ready to rebrand in 2022? Check out our work or drop me a note hello Long & Co xx

About Long & Co

Long & Co builds brands and businesses for today. We work alongside people who care about non-boring things. Because no one ever bored anyone into buying anything.