Cat Long and Chantelle Traficante

Chantelle Traficante of Beni Kesh is an interior designer turned Moroccan rug-slinger based in Sydney. A nomad at heart with a global mindset, Chantelle was the perfect fit to collaborate with Long & Co on the launch of the & Co space. Read her story below.

Cat and Chantelle of Beni Kesh

Chantelle photographed by Bill Chen.

How do you take your coffee?  

As strong as possible; double shot piccolo 

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  

As soon as I wake up, I’m on social or checking my emails. There are always customer enquiries to address and I’m always publishing content/stories throughout the day. I do try to set boundaries around social and not let it rule my life as there are other things I’d prefer to be doing. Beni Kesh was late to the Instagram game, but we’ve grown to 9000 followers organically since 2016. I don’t pay much attention to the number of followers we have and instead look to be and do better. I’m constantly looking to be inspired.  

What is your most used App?  

Instagram and the Shopify app.  

I studied a Bachelor of Multimedia and had plans of being a web developer and designer. I’ve got a basic knowledge of coding which has helped me build my own Shopify website, but it’s really been a case of trial and error. It took two months of hard work and my husband didn’t see me between the hours of 11am-2am! I wouldn’t have it any other way though, Beni Kesh is my creative outlet and I love what I do.  

What’s hard about being in business?  

Everyone sees all the beautiful imagery but not all the work that goes on behind the scenes. In small business, you wear so many hats and I don’t think people realise that. You need to be resilient and a problem solver, as well as the queen of logistics; shipping from Morocco is difficult. I learnt everything by asking questions.

I’m sure most business owners struggle with the same issue; that there aren’t enough hours in the day! I use the 33% rule when dividing how I spend my time. I read it somewhere and it really resonated with me. Spend 33% of time with mentors, 33% with peers and 33% mentoring and guiding others. That’s a huge part of Beni Kesh; passing on information to others that I’ve learnt along the way.   

How did you get to where you are today?  

I’ve always had a nomadic mindset. I’m open-minded, love travelling, and I’m constantly inspired by other cultures. It takes courage as an entrepreneur to go out on your own, and I credit my mother for that. Having a vision is also so important. I’ve gone from working nationally within Australia for commercial clients to now sourcing products internationally for clients in the US. I definitely have technology to thank for that.  

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