4 actions to make sure you’re 2020 ready:

1. Sell it

Don’t be confused about marketing: our job is to make the sale happen. We do this by making the prospect ready, willing and able.

At any given time, 3% of people are ready to buy, 40% are considering it and the rest are not. That means that 97% of the time, you won’t get the sale. Fret not.

For the people looking to buy, they’ll do two things: They will ask for referrals from friends and they will ask Google. They’re hot and ready to be converted.

The most effective way to convert the 3% is to add value to everybody. Here’s why: By widening the net and being of service, you are getting on the radar of people who are considering buying, but aren’t quite ready to act. You are making these people ready, willing and able, and all of a sudden looking at >40% prospects instead of 3%.

Next question, how to convert? By adding value. More than your competitors. With more credibility and tact.

Then ask for the sale.

We’ve collected 13 tips to help you win customers. Download our checklist ‘How to Win Customers’ here.

Our job as marketers is to make the sale happen by making the prospect ready, willing and able. 

2. Make it convenient

You heard us. Make it easy for people. People no longer have patience for friction, delays or weird processes: ‘Our warehouse is behind because only 2 out of 7 cranes are in operation at Botany Bay’. Umm… see you later girlfriend.

‘Alexa, please order milk’ or Amazon ‘Dash’ buttons mean we can re-order essential products with our voice or the click of a button. Step aside, price comparison, if it means saving us 2 minutes.

Messenger gives us instant responses which means we now have zero tolerance for any forms of delay. We want a personalised reply, instantly.

Convenience in the bathroom! Amazon ‘dash’ button. Image: silicon.

3. Build trust

Large institutions have broken our trust. The Catholic church is embroiled in sexual abuse. The Banking Royal Commission put some significant players on notice. Everyone uses social media and many claims to be an expert.

How build trust in this context? By adding value. The barriers are low in today’s content congested environment. Instead of spewing out more polluting communication, go for quality and insight. People are confused and are tapping out. Be their guide in this complicated world we live in. Be helpful and insightful. No strings attached.

One thing we are learning at Long & Co is people dislike gated content. Gated content is “Download this for free, all we need is your email.” As a result, we are re-thinking the role of gated content and lead forms.

Hang on you say. How do we get their emails now? You earn it. You build their trust, give them the option to get your regular insights by asking for their email but allow them access to most of it regardless.

A frictionless experience is a better experience. It also builds trust. Find more tips on how to build your customer’s trust here.

4. Choose the right channel for now

Your customers are searching for information online. Give it to them. Your customers trust their friends more than you. Get your friends talking about you. Your customers are on social media (yes they are). Create great content and publish different pieces across different channels. Launch a podcast, blog, create an event or send a post card. Give, give, give and then ask.

Who likes your social media posts?  Who opens your emails? Follow them up – they’re your 40%!

Too much work? Your business gets by on word of mouth alone? You’re in trouble. You’re either undercapitalised, or losing ground. Your competitors are eating your lunch. So, create an offer that isn’t being met yet, and go for it!

Download our free checklist to help put these tips into action:

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