New boutique space opens in King Street, Newcastle 

Human interactionphysical space and a sense of neighbourhood has never been more important than in today’s digital world. 

That’s why we have anchored our new boutique space on the hill in King Street, Newcastle CBD. Long & Co has opened their doors, and we’re firmly placing the & Co into it.  This is a space for Long & Co’s brand, strategy and technology company. But it is also a platform for carefully selected “ultra-specialists”, artists and collaborators.   

We’re growing up

After 3 years in business, we thought it was about time to stop squatting with friends and put our big girl pants on. We have taken over 113 King Street, partly because we need to anchor ourselves in our neighbourhood, and partly to create a physical and digital meeting place for great people.  

Long & Co was established in response to a changing market. A market that is no longer constrained by who is sitting under one roof, but who has ability to bring the right people together using technology and face-to-face communication.  

We found that the best talent has been escaping agencies and the corporate world to become solopreneurs or work in niche teams. Our role is bringing these people together to solve business problems for our clients. We did not see that model available in Newcastle, so we built it. Our beautiful new office adds the physical space for these problems to be solved more effectively.

Birds of a feather..

The ultra-specialists in the & Co space currently includes the boutique wine and food PR firm, House of Airlie alongside a few regular ring-ins such as Melbourne creative and techno-whiz, Keo Match and local gunslinging lawyer, Emilia Cardillo of Cardillo Law. 

Stephanie Airlie-Noe, Director of House of Airlie PR and her new venture, Tour, is excited: ‘Cat’s approach really makes sense to me,’ Stephanie said. ‘It’s closely aligned with the expertise House of Airlie brings to clients, because, like Cat, we are always riding the wave of “What’s next? What can we do that’s new and fresh?”.

‘It’s a great fit for us.’

& Co are currently looking for two additional ultra-specialists to become part of the resident team. We are currently taking expressions of interest and are interested in people who are the right fit for the space. 

I have been keen to position Long & Co for the wave I see coming. Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, pioneered furniture in a way that I want to pioneer transforming businesses. 

Imagine Kampgard sitting his workers down over sweet bread and weak coffee in a small Swedish town in 1958 explaining: ‘We are going to sell a lot of furniture. But we will do this in a different way. I see a future where people will buy furniture in droves, just by looking at a photo of a chair, getting it flat packed and mastering the assembly with an Allen key’. I bet those workers thought he was pretty crazy but I draw a lot of inspiration from my fellow Scandi’s. They are both individualistic and have strong social democratic principles. I’m built the same way.   

& Co

The future see for Long & Co is one firmly based in transformation, specialising in business strategy, brand and technology. I’ve grown up in marketing roles. People come to marketing to understand customers and how to win in the market. As such, marketing is a highly strategic role. I’ve been careful to balance my strategy, creative and commercial skills, switching from agency to commercial roles. I think that is why Long & Co has had some early success. We’ve got ideas and we can read a balance sheet.   

With clients across property, finance, hospitality, health, tourism and education, the only niche for the flock at & Co is being able to help our clients’ businesses thrive and grow.  

The & Co crew agrees: “We’ve chosen to become architects of our own lives, and we are banding together with a lot of great people of the same mind. Watch this space. It will be fun, interesting and forward thinking. Newcastle has really showed up for us. No bird is left out in the cold in our neighbourhood”.  

&Co at the Table

Long & Co is also using the space to give back to the community – in particular, the charity Dress For Success, which empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and life.

‘We’re showcasing the work of artists, makers and creators here and a percentage of anything they sell here will go to Dress for Success.’

About Long & Co

Long & Co is a small brand and digital alternative to a big agency. We offer everything an agency does, without the overhead. We have a network of talent across Sydney, Newcastle and Byron Bay. At Long & Co, we think and we do.

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