Prudence for Long & Co Meet Prudence DeMarchi. Prudence is part of Long & Co’s new exhibition ‘Toward the Sun’ in our lovely space in King St, Newcastle. Join our conversation with this up-and-coming talent. 

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  

Usually I have either one or two babies to contend with first thing. We have a whole house of early risers so anywhere from 5:30am we’re up. My husband Grant usually brings me a coffee in bed that I try not to spill while the bubs are feeding, crawling and making caves with the blankets.

Tell me something surprising about you:  

Painting is my second job! For the past twelve years I’ve been dedicated to education. I originally trained as a high school art teacher. I’m an Assistant Principal at a school solely for students with multiple and complex special needs.

Also – I hate watermelon. Everyone thinks I’m crazy.

What would you take with you from your childhood?  

I grew up in the country and so did my husband. I loved the freedom of growing up without all the presence of social media and all the pressures that kids nowadays do. I hope to bring some of that into the environment we provide for our kids.

What is the most used app on your phone?  

Probably the camera and photos apps. I’m constantly taking photos of the kids and painting inspiration. I see colour combinations and inspo everywhere! I love going back through my phone and reminiscing.

What do you look for when meeting a new person? 

I’m hopeless with names, but I always remember faces and the feeling you’re left with after you meet a new person. I think it’s pretty easy to tell genuine people from those who are just trying too hard. Also I like to find some common ground with whomever I’m meeting. It’s nice to connect with someone over a shared passion, parenthood or even just the love of a good coffee. 

How do you build a business in art?  

I’m only pretty new and still establishing myself. But for me, it was saying yes to every opportunity. Sometimes you need to jump in and give it a go. You never know the people you will meet, the connections you will make and the invaluable experience you’ll get. You will never grow and learn if you stay complacent. Obviously you need to stay true to yourself and select projects you’re passionate about but I love that feeling of being a little bit scared and excited at the same time.  

What do you dream of for your business? 

I would love for the business to grow and be a sustainable source of income for our family. I’m currently part time while the babies are little but next year and going forth I’d like to see it continue to grow and become a full time artist. A studio space would be amazing as I currently paint in my laundry!

Take Off by Prudence at Long & Co

What is the inspiration for this exhibition? 

Colour is always my main focus. I love exploring colour combinations and how they can change depending on where they are out on the canvas. I’ve recently been exploring flowers and abstract ways to depict them. Also it’s fun to see how emotions and concepts of human nature can be explored through colour and form.

Why are you working with Long & Co on this? 

Long & Co is a fabulous company who are supporting local creatives like me! It’s so special that people within business can reach out and collaborate. Newcastle has that special ability to connect everyone. Everyone I’ve met has been so genuine, smart and totally badass business savvy. It’s wonderful to connect with other people in business.

I am also excited to be able to support Studio A through this collab. Studio A works with people who have a passion for art and who happen to have a disability. Through their studio, they empower talent to be able to pursue their passion in a professional setting. Awesome.


Toward the Sun at Long & Co

About Prudence DeMarchi

Prudence is an artist and creative based in Newcastle, Australia. 

You now can buy Prudence’s pieces in our online shop: A proportion of every sale gets donated to Studio A.

Are you our next artist?

We are looking for our next artist collaborators for 2021. If you are keen to learn more about exhibiting and selling your artwork via our space in Newcastle East and online, contact us here. 

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