Annie Everingham in her studio Meet Annie Everingham. Annie is the first artist featured in Long & Co’s new space in King St, Newcastle. Join our conversation with this down-to-earth talent. 

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  

I love walking with my partner Chris and our dog Max to the closest coffee shop ‘The George’ where we chat about the day ahead. 

Tell me something surprising about you:  

 I studied fashion at UTS in Sydney which is quite funny because I can’t sew very well.  

What would you take with you from your childhood?  

 My Golden Retriever, Hamish.   

What is the most used app on your phone?  

 Other than Instagram, it’s likely Dropbox, Canva or Lightroom.  

What do you look for when meeting a new person? 

I look for people who are open and warm. I always try my best to make other people feel comfortable, so I naturally gravitate towards people who make me feel comfortable too and really appreciate anyone who is authentic and genuine.  

What is something you’ve heard out-of-towners say recently about Newcastle? 

We have great coffee! I take mine as a latte on macadamia milk.  

Annie Everingham

How did you get to where you are?  

I got here by a lot of chance without realising I could make my art into something more commercial. It started as a bit of a side hustle and then with the help from my partner, I was able to turn it into a full-time gig. 

2014 was the golden era for Instagram so it was a lot easier to grow an organic following then. I started using Instagram to document my studies with lots of behind the scenes content and it grew from there.

How do you build a business in art?  

In any business, it’s necessary to be business savvy. I think for a lot of creatives, that doesn’t always come naturally so it’s important to learn or get help where you need. Your work needs to be accessible to your audience; We have an e-commerce site which is gaining traction but going wholesale has allowed for my work to be discovered by a much bigger audience. I also sell limited edition prints which means my work can reach a broader audience.  

What do you dream of for your business? 

I’d love for it to have the longevity to continue well into the future and continues to allow me the freedom to explore different possibilities. I hope to continue collaborating with other incredible brands and to exhibit my work overseas. I also hope to one day transition into more textile-based products, like pyjamas or apparel.  

Annie with Cathrine Long

Annie Everingham photographed by Matt Briggs.

What is the one thing you’ve realised about yourself through your business that’s surprised you? 

I am quite business minded and it’s not something that I considered myself to be previously. I’ve really learnt to evolve and adapt on this journey and that it’s okay to let things die in order to shift and change into something better.   

Is this how you thought it would turn out for you? 

Not at all, it’s been a surprising journey but it’s my dream job.  

Why did you collaborate with Long & Co in opening our new space? 

Newcastle is building such a thriving creative scene and I really want to support that creative community. I also couldn’t resist being involved in the creation of such a beautiful new space. 

Annie in her element

Shop Annie’s work right here.

About Annie Everingham

Annie is a full-time artist and creative based in Newcastle, Australia. Originally from Tamworth, and initially studying fashion at UTS, Annie now operates her own art studio in Newcastle. Annie’s art represents the exploration of her many pursuits in one space: photo, pattern, fashion and drawing.

You now can buy Annie’s pieces in our new online shop: A proportion of every sale gets donated to Dress For Success.

Are you our next artist?

We are looking for our next artist collaborators for 2020. If you are keen to learn more about exhibiting and selling your artwork via our space in Newcastle East and online, contact us here. 

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