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Long & Co Newcastle Marketing
Read this article 31st October 2021

The Great Resignation Wave

Great leaders will be exiting well paid jobs to start their own companies this summer. Why? Network effect, a shift in mindset and capital access for scale ups.

Read this article 23rd September 2021

Interruption marketing

If you are thinking your brand and marketing could be interrupting people. It probably is. But what can you do about it? Here’s what:

Read this article 15th August 2021

Nothing to see here

August was quite the month here at Long & Co. Don’t check this out.

Long & Co Strategy
Read this article 27th July 2021

Strategy in a time of COVID

If you have been wondering whether brand, marketing or advertising really works, think about AstraZeneca. All those negative messages tells us many things. One of them is that marketing works.

Read this article 24th June 2021

Business is like dating

You’ve hung out your shingle. You’ve launched your new website. Everyone loves you, and cheers you on. And then the music stops and you’re there without a chair. I hear you.

Long & Co Price Strategy
Read this article 7th June 2021

Price wars

You’ve been asked to tender for a big contract. Your prospect says: We really like you for this job, it’s basically yours. Except, you need to drop your price. Now what?

Read this article 2nd May 2021

Pop in to our Mother’s Day Pop-Up

Pop in and get exclusive access to art, wine and wear ahead of Mother’s Day. Listen to a business talk with Australian and local brands.

Digital marketing at Long & Co
Read this article 20th April 2021

Digital marketing strategy

You are a boss or a marketing leader looking to grow in 21/22. But marketing isn’t enough; you need a digital or social media marketer.
No you don’t.

Long & Co Strategy
Read this article 18th March 2021

Facts don’t sell

High performing executives and business leaders believe they need facts to persuade their decision makers. They don’t. Here’s the thing: