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Read this article 10th April 2022

New brand or campaign? Woo!

You are a boss or a marketing leader looking to grow in 2022. OMG – ditto! You are looking for a new way to work with an agency. Oh, we could be at the beginning of something here.

Read this article 1st March 2022

Welcome to Hollywood

I knew that clients want to select from the very best, without having to pay big agency retainers. Welcome to Hollywood.

Read this article 22nd February 2022

Competitive advantage

Your core competitive advantage is where it’s at. Many businesses don’t know what theirs is. This is yours:

Read this article 1st February 2022

Silly goose

In a moment of weakness I picked them up and studied them. They looked different. They looked… worn.

Read this article 27th January 2022

Branding is a Strategic Effort

Say hello to brand and goodbye to ‘meh’. This is why branding is a fundamental strategic effort.

Read this article 30th November 2021

Growth Strategy

A great product x market fit is your best growth strategy. Go figure, right?

Read this article 31st October 2021

The Great Resignation Wave

Great leaders will be exiting well paid jobs to start their own companies this summer. Why? Network effect, a shift in mindset and capital access for scale ups.

Read this article 23rd September 2021

Interruption marketing

If you are thinking your brand and marketing could be interrupting people. It probably is. But what can you do about it? Here’s what:

Read this article 15th August 2021

Nothing to see here

August was quite the month here at Long & Co. Don’t check this out.