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Long & Co

Makers and Creators

It takes a village.

Hello new space!

Our new space reflects true craftsmanship and it couldn’t have been this way without the hard work and creativity from our Makers and Creators. We are so lucky to know these humans.


Thank you


Amazing things happen when you bring the right people together.

Monsoon Living

Tash from Monsoon provided us with Turkish pillows to die for and the most gorgeous knick-knacks that you just have to have.


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Annie Everingham in her studio

Annie Everingham

This stunning gal has taken our boring white walls from drab to fab with the dreamiest paintings.


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High Swan Dive

You can never have too many lush leafy gems in your life. Thanks to Sophie at High Swan Dive, our office air is fresher and cleaner.


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Beni Kesh and Long & Co

Beni Kesh

Chantelle hooked us up with the chicest bohemian rug. Her business, Beni Kesh, sources unique one of a kind handwoven pieces directly from Morocco.


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Cotton & Hide

Kate from Cotton & Hide sourced our stunning vintage-inspired lounge to kick back and relax. Something every boutique office truly needs.


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Mark Aylward on the tools

Mark Aylward

The craftsman everyone needs in their lives. Our New York style Boardroom steel doors and 300 kg spotted gum table is created by Mark at Solid Wood Furniture. We named it, and he made it. 

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Trades & Specialists

& Co. HQ would be nothing without our amazing helpers.

So many to thank, so little space @oastechnology @hlmullane @conlecsolutions @broadleysigns @experiencedofficefurniture @goodbrother @houseofairlie @keomatch @allthingslinear 


Boydells Wine


Our launch party was brought to you by wine… and more wine. Only the best though! That’s why we chose to partner with Boydell’s.




MEET Restaurant provided us with the canapés to keep us going throughout the night and their beautiful space allowing us to party on.



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