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Long & Co


A new way of doing things

Zoe Lonergan for Long & Co

Let’s shake things up

The old agency model is broken. There’s a new way of doing things. 

We have carefully curated talent within design, animation, photography, videography, web development and copy writing. They are on-tap for your needs and can be accessed right here. Find the answers to questions both clients and creatives are asking us about this new service below.


For Clients

What does Long & Co do?

Just like you wouldn’t represent yourself in court or sell your own home, there are people more equipped at pulling things together than you (ohh hello there).

Creating things is the fun part. It can also be the stressful, risky and inefficient aspect if not properly managed. This is where we come in. We connect you with our network of highly skilled artists. We then guide you through the creative process so your outcomes are achieved on time and on budget. 

Why bother? 

We manage the production process and talent so you don’t have to. This saves you time and provides you with quality and convenience.

Finding the right talent is difficult. We source the best artists so you can select from the creme de la creme. Just need a logo or a short video? Hello Long & CoNeed help with an end-to-end project? We will pull together the right team for you.

How much will this cost?

Good question, hard to answer – but let’s have a go.

What are you trying to achieve? You need a new website? What is its purpose, what goes on it and how do we entice prospects to convert? Who are you? We work with SMEs and large corporations, government entities and not-for-profits. Each have their own needs, stakeholders and budgets. Are you considering an up-and-comer or a seasoned creative? Are you on a strict timeline or do you have time to spare? We help you scope the work and budget to tailor your needs.

How do I get started?

Check out our artists and contact one of our Creative Representatives right here.


For Creatives

How can we help you?

We find you the work you love. We manage your projects so you can focus on what you enjoy the most. You get the right brief, budget and production support.  We also actively represent our artists by promoting your work to the right people.

Why bother?

Being a freelance creative is tough. Chasing work and invoices can zap your creativity along with your cashflow. It can also be lonely and hard to represent your own interests. We find you the right jobs and make sure you are paid on time. With professional representation, you get access to better clients and better support. We’re backed by experience in business, marketing, law, production and management – so we understand both your needs and those of the client.

Aren’t you just adding costs?

No. We make sure you get the right clients, outcomes and support throughout the project. You will save time and therefore increase impact, by working with people who can help you get the most out of each project.

How do I start?

Submit your portfolio here to start the selection process.

Connect with our talent today