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Experience from agencies and the corporate sector has taught us that SMEs can benefit from the quality marketing big companies get access to. Today's network economy has made this possible. 

Your "marketing partner" is not a traditional consultancy, online portal or a marketing agency. It is a seperate category all together. With a new business model.  

We are different because we take the traditional consulting model and rather than focusing on short-term profit, we develop your marketing strategy and help with skilful implementation. We are accountable for your ongoing impact, and offer expertise you may not need or can access full-time. 

We tap into specialists such as digital developers or designers to create the right solutions. We take the creative wow from agencies and add our business skills. Unlike online portals we are human and we work for you. 

Just like you have an accountant or a solicitor, Long & Co is your expert marketing partner. What you get is freedom to focus on driving your business forward. It's fun when things work. And life is too short not to enjoy it!

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