University of Newcastle's postgraduate brand GradSchool is looking for a clear and compelling brand position for future growth. 

The category is filled with "sameness" and University of Newcastle is not alone in contemplating why a customer should choose their brand and giving them a reason to do so.


Help us understand the value of our current brand, and what the process looks like to develop a stronger, possibly transformed brand in the future.


Recommendations to develop a revised brand strategy and value proposition for GradSchool at the University of Newcastle. 

With 1500 respondents to the online survey, sound insights were developed to position the university for future growth.


We achieved results that exceeded our expectations.

“Long & Co worked with us to develop our brand strategy and online path-to-purchase. We accessed skills and experience we do not have in our team on a daily basis and achieved results that exceeded our expectations.”

Mat Sharman, Associate Director of Marketing GradSchool, the University of Newcastle.