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Start with A for Apple

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In my corporate career I liaised with a particularly clever legal council. She had a knack for making the complex simpler. This is also possible when we think about marketing. 

When you are launching a new service or campaign, think holistically. Start with why you are doing it, then think about how and what you would like to do. 

If you know you need a new website, that is what we call a 'what'. Don't start there. Start with 'why'.

Why is where the underlying issues live. This is where your business lives. Why is the fundamental purpose of a business. For example, Virgin's purpose is something like "shaking up the establishment and having fun doing it". You can see how being clear about 'why' will significantly impact 'how' Virgin goes to market and 'what' tools (e.g. website) they need in order to win?

So start with A for Apple. Considering it's Friday arvo I'm thinking I'm getting closer to starting with W for Wine. But that's just me. You should start with A. That's what I was told and it has helped me. I hope it can help you too.

- Cathrine 

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