How to make a real estate company take a position as doing things the right way? It’s easier when the fundamentals are there. 

Real estate is moving to a truly customer centric business model under the leadership of George Rafty, Principal of First National Newcastle.


Help us articulate what is unique about our brand. We have this incredible brand asset in George. How do we leverage him, and market this company in an effective and value adding way?



A brand and marketing strategy, a launch campaign across digital and print. Social media followers increased by 125% from July 2016, reach has increased by over 2000% in the period. Revenue is up, leads are up and people attending open houses have doubled.



"I trust Long & Co to position First National Newcastle City as a boutique real estate company doing things the right way. Our results are up, our brand presence is right and the process is easy." 

- George Rafty, Principal at First National Newcastle City.