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What is a Marketing Partner?

You might have seen in Long & Co social this week we are building a new category in the market. We are calling this new category your "Marketing Partner". A Marketing Partner is not an agency or a fly-in-fly-out consultant. It's a seperate category all together. With a new business model.

The problem

In the current market you have advertising agencies on the one hand, where you pay for all the overhead, or consultants on the other, where you are given a strategy and then it is up to you to implement it. This is why Long & Co have designed your Marketing Partner. We draw on our big company experience to develop your strategy and help you execute it across digital and traditional channels. 

Category kings

If you design a new category, and not just a new company or a new product - you can become its category king (think UBER, Amazon, Facebook). No small ambition, but we know there's truth to it. 

 UBER is a stellar example of a category king.   Lyft   anyone? Nah, we didn't think so...

UBER is a stellar example of a category king. Lyft anyone? Nah, we didn't think so...

We have personally designed new categories in FMCG and have an UBER staffer on our books. Once you offer a new category that solves an urgent need (e.g. marketing expertise for today's problems) in an ecosystem that provides loyalty and gratitude (partner = trusted advisor and NOT simply a focus on margins per job) you've won. 

Coining the term "Marketing Partner" isn't enough. You've got to deliver on it. Think Facebook; a social platform. Or Amazon; the biggest retailer in the world. It's got to be true. This is why Long & Co's "Marketing Partner" needed to develop a new business model.

 Working together is good business

Working together is good business

The business model

We don't worry about margins per job, we worry about a happy client relationship. And we're not just saying it. Just as we speak, we are helping a client who finished a job with us a few months back get value from one of their suppliers. This is taking our time in analysis, client liaison, supplier liaison and advice. We're not charging for this. They were a client - our partner approach means we assist them when they've got an urgent need. 

Bad business? We disagree. We think this is great business. People buy from who they like and trust. Trust builds over time and you've got to keep earning it. It's relationship building. 

Things are more fun when you're surrounded by strong relationships. Everything works. Marketing works. And life is more fun when things work. 

Long & Co

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Questions about the Marketing Partner model?

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