Friday Insights

3 insights we'd like to share with you from our week. Some of this really surprised us!

Content Long & Co

1) People need up to 13 contact points before they convert. 

According to research it takes between 7 and 13 touch points for a lead to convert to a sale. Content marketing can help you create touch points along the way. A recent Hubspot study found that companies who blog regularly get up to 4 times as many leads come in compared to those who don't. Once the leads are in, it is a matter of following up and closing. Keep up the good work!

2) Social media: Less is more!

Back in the day (last year) frequent posting on Facebook would improve your reach. These days Facebook is rewarding quality over quantity, according to this recent Buffer podcast.  

The punch line: Quality content improves engagement. Engagement gets rewarded by Facebook's algorithm by giving your post increased reach. If you've got a quiet moment take a listen below.

3) A small yoghurt business grew to $2 billion by focusing on branding. 

This is the story all small businesses with a big appetite for growth should take inspiration from. Hamdi Ulukaya bought a disused Kraft plant in New York state and launched his line of Greek yoghurts in 2007. Today he is worth billions. Read how here.


About Long & Co

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