Why Long & Co

 Cathrine Long, Director of Long & Co

Cathrine Long, Director of Long & Co

Our purpose is to take your business to the next level by helping you unlock your marketing potential.  

This purpose is founded in our strongly held belief that as a small-to-medium business you will thrive with access to some of the fun the big brands benefit from.   

We help you step out of the crowd with a clear message, effective marketing and increased profits.

Starting at the beginning, we have worked our way up to executive level, gaining awards, international speaking engagements and talented friends along the way.

Passionate learners, we have completed an MBA GradCert from AGSM, MComm from USYD and BBus from UoN

One of many great lessons learnt: A strategy tells us how to win, but it is in its consistent and skilful execution you go to the next level. 

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Long & Co Values

Be remarkable: Be a person of good character. Know why you are doing it. 

Collaborate deeply: Focus matters. Always create more value than you ask for in return. Treat it like it is your own. 

Imagine it: If you dream it, you can do it. Think different. Delight.



Long & Co - Your Marketing Partner

Long & Co marketing office Newcastle

Long & Co was founded in 2016 to fill a gap in the market in terms of providing big marketing expertise to SMEs in a nimbler, more transparent and flexible way.

We have launched the company into a new category we call your "marketing partner" and are an alternative to agencies and traditional consultancies.

We specialise in marketing strategy and skilful implementation. We pull together the right people at the right time. We are your partner and we work for you. 



How Long & Co works

Long & Co Director, Cathrine Long discussing marketing strategy with customer.

You might need help developing an effective marketing strategy, stay on top of the latest technology or simply need an extra set of hands. 

We develop distinctive and authentic brands and find the best way to take this to market. Sometimes the strategy needs great content. Other times, we partner with you in new digital development. The bottom line is creating marketing that works while you have the freedom to drive your business forward. 

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Newcastle marketing office environment

Work With Us

We are always looking for talented marketing specialists. If you like to work on challenging projects, in a friendly and flexible setting, please contact us.

What we are scouting for at the moment: Ex agency or big client side looking for a role with more purpose. Not wanting to compromise on quality of work. Interested in a rewarding career.

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